2014: Year of the Queen Bey

January 8, 2014

Happy new year InFashionistas! Here’s to a beautiful, shiny, glorious year for all of us! (polar vortex) I hope you all had a great time on  your winter break, enjoying your families, ringing in 2014, making snowmen  and for some of us ( *cough* cough* Elisa) soaking up the sun! Now onto the real, serious stuff: let’s talk about Beyoncé.
Because, maybe  you were hiding under a rock, and shutting your eyes and ears, and you haven’t heard of her new album shockingly titled, wait for it…”BEYONCé”.

When she released it in December, Queen Bey literally broke the music industry. 800 000 copies sold in 3 days, a million of pirate downloads within a week.  In a minute it was clear that she owned the Billboard list and one thing was left to do: bow to the Queen.

After a year and a half of total secrecy, recorded partially in the Carters’ Hampton house, the album came as a surprise to all of us, especially when we heard she also had filmed 17 videos to come out simultaneously, delivering what she calls “a visual album”. Shock-full of collabs  like Jay-Z (of course), Frank Ocean (love him), SIA (you know her song, Titanium), Miguel (incredible), Justin Timbeland (who?), Pharrell (we already covered my crush),  producer extraordinaire Timbaland (of Missy Eliott and Aaliyah fame) and even Baby Blue Ivy (awwwww). This eclectic blend gives the album a super wide array of genres, giving B. a lot of room to display her chops. And she’s got some really serious chops.

Her videos are beautifully directed, and I must say, uber sexy. Not in a Miley Cyrus hump-the-ball-and-lick-the-hammer-way, not in a Rihanna make-you-uncomfortable-and-even-a-little-scared way, in a more classic Madonna-ish, look-at-these-legs-and-revel-in-my-fierceness-way. In a real sexy way.

As for the wardrobe, it seems Mrs Carter has a penchant for Fur coats with bathing suits. I don’t know if I’m ready yet to make the leap, but hey, I’ll consider it. Or not.

Oh, and can we say a word about that bob haircut? KILLER BEY.

For all of you who havent downloaded the album yet, (I understand all that clicking…) here is the link, and to watch 30 secon previews of all the videos, click here

My prediction for 2014 is: Beyoncé. Bow.
Have an Inspired InFashionated year!
;) Sarah

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