Art History revived by Annie Leibovitz

December 2, 2013

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most iconic contemporary photographer, and her shoots for the US Vogue never fail to blow my mind. I personally am not a big fan of the magazine, I find the editorials are often redundant and too safe and I question the value of Anna Wintour’s fashion dictat, but as soon as Annie Leibovitz graces the glossy pages with her vision, I swoon.

This time her subject is Jessica Chastain, the stunning red head from Zero Dark Thirty and The Help.Each photo is inspired from a classic painting, from the lighting , the color palette to the beautiful styling. Dreamy, poetic. The Title Picture above is inspired by Felix Valloton’s haunting 1924 Le Retour de la Mer.

Below is Gustav Klimt’s iconic Portrait of Ria Munk III ( one of my favorite painters for all things textile and patterns).

I think my favorite is this one: check out the styling! So spot on! Really impressive. From Van Gogh’s La Mousmé.

I’m totally in love with this shoot, a good excuse to grab the December issue of Vogue… in spite of my dislike for all things Wintour :)
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