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March 31, 2014


The best way for me to zone out during long flights or stressful moments when I need to focus is by putting on some headphones, and listening to some music. It’s kind of my meditation.

I got my first glimpse of Frends headphones while browzing on some time ago, and then saw them “real-life” at their booth at the Premium Trade Show in Berlin.  What an awesome concept, taking an everyday item and making it stylish and desirable. The ear pieces are adorned like jewels or made of quilted leather, looking like a gold pyramid stud or a hollogram…No headphones have been so popular since Dr Dre’s famous Beats, but these are a league above when it comes to looking good!


I knew right there and then I had to buy them so I went online, ordered a pair and got them shipped to our New York office so they could be brought to me in Paris by one of our NY team members, I was so impatient to hold them … When she opened her suitcase, we found out they were STOLEN!!! What a disappointment! ( side note: suitcase theif, I hate you but you have good taste) I eventually got over the loss and decided to be proactive: I bought a second pair. They’ve  been on my head since then, and not only do they look awesome, but the sound is pristine. My love of music, and my love of style both satisfied instantly.

frends 3

Their “Frends with Benefits” collections are collabs they do with designers, such as Rebecca Minkoff, A.L.C, Barabara Bui…

So I shared my obsession with Eran and we discovered they were LA based company, which doesn’t come as a surprise, Cali style always being the definition of rock’ n’ roll cool and laid back-chill-attitude. We decided this was a great accessory to complete our styling for our Mackage FW14 collection during World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto. So we reached out to them and they loved the idea! A beautiful friendship was born…

frends 2

I obviously needed to get another pair this time with inter-changeable caps…what is there not to love!? As beautiful as jewelry if you ask me!


Photos by Becca Lemire

Is there a more InFASHIONated way to listen to music, talk on the phone, or simply zone the world OUT?


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