Give your kid Swag

July 3, 2012

Ok let’s be honest! I find the choices for kid’s clothes out there are very weak especially for boys, to say the least…there some fine, cute, pretty things I guess, but I want my son to look edgy and cool, not like a preppy little boy. So my hubby and I have mastered making easy to find things work.

Here are a few tips from our house to yours:

Pop the collar! The polo my son is wearing is from All Saints, which I was devastated to find out, chose to stop doing kid’s. They had the best baby skinny jeans…what a loss. But in truth you can make any polo look cool just by popping the collar. Ralph Lauren has great polos.

Top it off! A fedora always looks fierce on a child. A hat says “I mean business”!

Roll the cuff! any pants can accomplish this. Here, it is a basic Gap Cargo pant.

Fresh Kicks! Toms are seriously so cute for kids…the girls ones so amazing I bought my niece the sparkly silver one…remind me to share how cute she looks, and how much fun I have dressing her.

Best accessory: Dad! Can you tell how much my boy takes after my man? They even walk the same! Studs are sure to turn heads!

Anyone can help their kid flaunt some serious swagger! The whole family is Infashionated!

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Mel July 4, 2012 at 4:18 am

First, I agree…it’s hard to dress boys! I like to accesorize with a cool belt, tuck in his shirt and roll up the sleeves…


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