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August 14, 2012

Denmark is a very inspiring place for me. The design aesthetic of the Danes is impeccable. Last time I traveled to Copenhagen to show Mackage FW12 at a tradeshow, I was pregnant, so the baby’s room was on my mind. Being there for only 3 days did not leave me any time to shop, but luckily I spotted a décor store at the airport . There, I found these amazing clear plastic birds in different sizes and colors and it made me wonder…how could I incorporate them into the baby’s room? Knowing that typical toy-store mobiles are not my thing, I decided to make my own, using these birds.

At home, I thought that since birds are usually perched on trees, branches would be the ideal element to complete my mobile project. I found some branches online, and bought 15 of them…. although I knew I only needed one or two. (Jerry always says I don’t know how to buy one of something…he’s right!)
I went to a hardware store and bought fishing wire and hooks .
Jerry is also super creative, and the two of us had fun building this for our baby , and giving his nursery our own special touch.

Now what to do with the 13 branches left over? I knew I wanted to incorporate them in the décor of the event I would throw after my baby would be born. I found these rock candy lollipops that looked very chic. As always I needed to complicate things and wanted to repackage, so with the help of my adorable nieces, we tied a bow on each of them. Those were placed in big vases as party favours. The rest were hung on the branches to make lollipop trees as decoration pieces throughout the venue. I had a blast with my nieces and sisters in the process and the result, original fun details for my party!

During this celebration it is customary to smell dried flowers. Usually dried roses are passed around in a bowl, but I thought dried lavender was nice and different and so we made little purple bouquets that were passed around, and that our guests could bring home as a fragrant souvenir.


The event was great, and I love knowing that my little touches made a difference for the best.

Being inFashionated also means standing out and showing your style in many ways!

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vanessa August 15, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Elisa, although i’ve seen it all with my own eyes already, i just wanted to say again that everything you just showed us looked amazing! Really cool and totally different! I love your creativity! Bravo!:)


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