Jesus, Marilyn, John Wayne, Unicorns and Strippers: Tropico

December 9, 2013

Last week, Lana Del Rey released a much anticipated short film called “Tropico” in lieu of music video for her songs “Body Electric”, “Gods and Monsters”, and “Bel Air” from the upcoming album “Ultraviolence”. The 27 mins long film is directed by Anthony Mandler ( who did most of Rihanna’s videos, and 3 others of Lana Del Rey’s) and produced by Rick Rubin ( if you need me to tell you who he is, please google him, we seriously don’t have the time in this life) and stars model Shaun Ross and Del Rey herself, who takes turns being Eve, a stripper/gangster/L.A bad girl and the Virgin Mary.
Americana icons, like Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne, heavy-duty religious symbolism such as sin and redemption, and modern desperation with Los Angeles as a back ground are just a few of the themes, and the music and images are so mesmerizing and captivating, I watched it all twice in a row, and once more before posting it here.

I found this so beautiful and so hypnotizing, I invite you to take a look, and please let me know what you think in the comments!

(Just a warning though. Some of it is definitely NSFW and Rated R.)

Until next week, stay inspired…

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