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February 7, 2016

sad face

Life isn’t all plane, trips and fashion shows. I always talk about where I go and what I am doing but this time I’m sharing the other side of the coin. Many of you moms out there will relate to this, and let’s keep it real, parenting isn’t always bubbles and cupcakes.Last weekend my middle child Rafael had gastro-thankfully it wasn’t a week day so I was able to give him my undivided attention and take good care of him. He stayed home Monday and Tuesday and went back to school on Wednesday healthy and happy. I thought I was out of trouble and had just started to breathe for relief when my baby Jacob started vomiting. I ran to the pharmacy for some Pedialite (aka life savior)- I was full of anxiety because I was off on a plane to London the next day. I decided not to pack that night and pack in then morning to maximize the time I had with the boys.

At 2:30am I got woken up by Nathan’s voice “Mom… I threw up in my bed. ” There you go, 3 out of 3. Jacob was still recuperating and needed my attention to, so I couldn’t get back to sleep and I had to go from one room to the other all night long. Nathan, who was waking up every hour to vomit looked at me and said “Mom, this is a long night” No kidding.
The next morning, I was beat and now I had to pack and leave my sick babies.

I know they are in good hands with their dad and my life savior Jasmine, but this working mom life comes with ups and downs! The guilt is always there, it’s like you’re feeling that there isn’t enough of you. I can’t wait till they make cloning a reality, but until then, I packed my bags and I was off to London, (heart broken).


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