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November 25, 2013

Let’s start this week on the right foot with a sweet, positive and ground breaking piece of inspiration. Pharrell Williams (of the Neptunes and N.E.R.D) came out with the first 24 hour long music video for his new title “Happy” (which is the soundtrack for the kid’s movie Despicable Me 2)
The camera follows Pharrell and some dancing, lip-syncing strangers, and some more famous like Steve Martin, Steve Carrell, Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt ( I swear I’m not making this name up. Sweatshirt. No kidding.) for 24 hours around Los Angeles, in what is the most joyful, smile-inducing music video out there.  The video is interactive, which means it allows you to click around switching between Pharrell and the sweet strangers, who are SO fascinating to watch. I couldn’t stop flipping through the settings in utter amazement. It’s truly brilliant.
The full 24 hours interactive video is not accessible on mobile, you canview it on your computers only here.
Here is a sample of the 1AM piece of it.

I dare you to not clap along and dance around your office, living room, or bathroom!
Have a HAPPY Week!


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