The secret of stacking rings

November 20, 2013

I can’t really say exactly when I started to love knuckle rings, it was sometime this year… I just can’t put my finger on it. (lol). I loved it on other girls, but every time I tried to pull it off I encountered 2 major obstacles:

1.I have ” thick” fingers. It’s really strange because I’m rather petite, but my fingers are just …not.

2.I have these 2 rings I love that don’t leave my hands: my engagement ring and an eternity band that I wear everyday and are difficult to match with custom jewelry.

I would ask every girl I saw wearing them, how, who, what, WHERE?!
The answer was unanimous. CatBird.

Of course. The phenomenal boutique in Brooklyn. Lucky for me Kelly lives a few blocks from there and is a great accessories shopper with a sharp sense of style and was kind enough to get an assortment we preselected together in multiple sizes so that we could answer the ultimate question: the size of each of my knuckles!!??

When she met me for dinner with a bag full of goodies I couldn’t even control my excitement to check out the menu. I had to keep them all. Vita Fefe, CatBird, Jacquie Aiche and my own bling looked just right and fit perfectly on my less than perfect fingers!

I love these so much that my next set of rings is waiting in my shopping cart on the catbird website. Next up, a gold stacking story…stay tuned!

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