Trapeze- The Shape

December 6, 2012

Handbags are the staple of every girl’s outfit. We put a lot of thought, and money, on choosing the best for every need: a clutch for a night out, a cross-body for traveling, hobos, messengers, shoppers, totes… They are both the practical help to bringing our very needed items everywhere and a way to make a fashion statement. I for one continue to build my collection of bags and purses I adore. And this year, a new shape has taken over the fashion universe by storm: the trapeze. Since Celine came out with their trapeze bags, I instantly needed to add that new essential shape to the family.

Then I wondered: who was it that really started this trend? Has it always existed? It seemed new to me, but I know that “nihil novi sub sole” as they say in latin: nothing is new under the sun, most particularly in fashion!
As I researched it, I discovered that Trapeze handbags have more or less always existed. VBH, which started in 2000, a modern and exclusive line which named after its creator, the former president of Valentino, Mr V. Bruce Hoeksema has been doing this shape for a while now.

Or the YSL “downtown” bag which was launched in 2007?

Impossible to say who did it first, all I know is this shape has become a must have, and it’s here to stay.
So I went on my quest for the Celine “trapeze”. I wanted it in black with silver hardware, which, of course, is the hardest to find as it’s one of the most coveted bag of the season.
Phoebe Philo has really done a marvelous job with giving the Celine brand a new life, and this bag just testifies to the designer’s perfect aesthetics and taste. Did she invent the shape? Probably not. The work of fashion design consists mostly in interpreting your inspiration and giving your take on them.

As I was looking at other options for my bag I found that Givenchy did the trapeze shape AMAZINGLY with the ANTIGONA. I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it, and forgot all about Celine’s trapeze. This was the one for me!

As you can see from the picture below so many great brands have gotten inspired by the “trapeze” in their own way.

Alexander Wang / Marc Jacobs / 3.1 Phillip Lim

My advice would be to stay away from what looks exactly like the Trapeze from Celine, as you shouldn’t want to be wearing a knockoff, but embrace this new shape: The trapeze is totally inFashionated and here to stay!




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